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Re: Do you even know the definition of the word influential?!

Thanks Chris! I'm amazed at how perfectly you just proved my point while 
trying to argue against it.

In case you haven't noticed, the 80's really did end. 1982 really was 
decades ago. The rest of the world has moved on. Sorry about that. My 
childhood heroes are old and dusty and unpopular now too.


At 06:19 PM 8/25/2002, Chris Richards wrote:
><<I think the key is that he "did" expose them.
>as in Past Tense. That was decades ago. Everybody
>who was going to be influenced by that already
>was. New people today are not getting interested
>in looping because of Fripp or Eno.>>
>Again, I have to argue your point. First of all,
>I first heard of Fripp and Eno (and the various
>musical projects they've been involved in over
>the years) back around 84 or so. I read about
>Adrian Belew in the January 84 issue of Guitar

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