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Re: Did Jimi save the Strat from extinction

<<I definitely recall reading an article on Jimi
to the effect that he allegedly single-handedly 
saved the Strat from extinction...  but just
'cause it was published thus, certainly doesn't
(to quote Captain Picard) make it so.  Thanks for

the clarification.>>

It's long been rumored that Fender was gonna
phase out the Strat and Tele around 67 or so,
because sales were down, and everyone was playing
Gretschs, Rickebackers and other hollowbody
guitars, because that's what the British Invasion
bands used. Then, Are You Experienced came out,
and Strat sales shot up. 

This story is mentioned in one of the books I
have about the history of the Stratocaster, but
in the same book, one of the chief employees at
Fender at the time says that they were never
planning on dropping the Strat. 

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