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Valentino and his kind

As everyone knows, I am a fan of Max Valentino.
His music is not crazy, not old, not mainstream, not very different, 
but its pleasent, organized, flowing, grooving, alive - and a noisy 
recording ;-)
He lives of that music and serves a lot of people. This music can be 
used in all kinds of events, pleases almost anyone, calls some 
atention, but leaves you at ease...

I am not discussing here that this music of any more artistic value 
than any other, but economically it works and as an example it seems 
pretty appropriate to me.

Every little city needs a guy like that. Thats a market for all of us, no?

By the way, the most simple way to bring us into the charts is by 
creating our own ;-)
If everyone points at someone else here, we are done... but no, hold 
it, thats too many emails ;-)

and I would not want to vote in only one guy...

Rick makes people laugh and seduces them in a way you just dont 
experience it from a big stage. Every city needs one of his kind, 
too! ;-)

In Europe, Mich Gerber fills his delicate but firm contra bass shows
And Claude will...

...and so on.

now that I feel how we are basically really great, I can sleep, maybe ;-)

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org