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Re: King Crimson

<<One of the most influential - and more
forgotten - aspects of RF's work has
been not the playing itself but rather the 
business he did in the early 80s, in the years
leading up to the 2nd KC lineup.  >>

That was more like the 8th lineup of King
Crimson! Each of the first 7 King Crimson studio
albums has a different lineup on it! 

Speaking of King Crimson, someone mentioned Level
5. This was the CD the band was selling
exclusively last year during the tour they did
with John Paul Jones. After the tour, they
decided to release it via more traditional means
to the public. It was recorded on their summer
tour last year (in other words, they recorded
during the summer tour, then were selling it
during the Autumn tour). It's a pretty decent
disc, I think, though a lot of the new tracks
strike me as being just rough sketch/jams. 

Has anyone heard the most recent Collector's Club
disc (which apparently is now available via the
Discipline mail order catalog? It is from the
first performance by the Lark's Tongues In Aspic
lineup (yes, with Jamie Muir on percussion). As I
understand, it's an audience recording, so I'm
wondering what the quality is like. I was a
member of the club until Fripp decided he needed
to re-think how they were gonna run it (actually,
I think my membership ran out a couple releases
back, as the last one I recieved was the Detroit
71 disc). 

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