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Re: loop device endorsement - was Santanas looping bassist

  -Completely agree, which is why I mentioned in an earlier post that
looping needs to be visible, understandable and approachable.   -And as far
as Tori and BT being buddy-buddy,  -not sure about that, I just know that
she's worked with him on at least  two other projects so far.  Have a great



At 07:25 AM 8/27/02 EDT, you wrote:
>the local goddess wrote,
>>Regarding tori looping her voice, well, her voice is getting looped on
>>BT remix of Blue Sky.  so she isn't actually doing it, but he is, and if
>>Tori fans grab the BT single of her tune, then they'll hear it.  
>right; but, within the context of that thread:
>the fans won't *see* it.....
>>she also
>>apparently plays with him on other projects as well, so the looping thing
>>isn't necessarily out of the question.
>..... well, they don't seem to be particularly buddybuddy w/each other; i 
>wouldn't expect too much from such a collaboration.....
>dt / s-c


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