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Re: thought this might be interesting

So he's associating himself with currently popular artists, working with 
currently popular songwriters to keep his sound up to date, and fitting 
music into currently popular trends. As a result he's much more popular 
successful than he was on his own in recent decades. Gotta give ol' Carlos 
credit there, that's pretty smart. Maybe some people here could be 
influenced by that.

At 06:25 AM 8/27/2002, AKASHMUSIC@aol.com wrote:
>Santana shot a video for his upcoming album Shaman on Thursday and Friday 
>(August 22 and 23). The clip for the song "Game Of Love" features young 
>pop star 

>  the Los Angeles group Ozomatli appear on the album, while Matchbox 
> Twenty frontman Rob Thomas--who sang and co-wrote "Smooth" from 
> 1999 collection Supernatural--told LAUNCH he did some writing for Sha

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