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is this a known bub in repeater?

Was trying to copy a loop to the compact card (not a very reliable one i have to admit) and ran out of space, the copy button/light began to flash and I was unable to even swap the card for another one with more space, therefore would have lost my loops so had to go thru th rigmaroll of recording them seperately onto  my PC... is this a known bug? is there a "known bugs" page anywhere???
cos its er.. "bugging me" Doh! sorry
PS: Thanks who ever it was for bringing to my attention the "Notron" sequncer... want one bad!!! If anyone knows anything... For ex, all reviews I found talk of crashing and lack of sysex saving... was any update made??? Enough cool people have used em that they can't be THAT unreliable... But getting one seems to be the prob...
MArk Red
         mark red