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Re: Synths considered harmful (was Re: Using the Wind Synth tocontrol the Repeater)

OTOH I do a lot of loop oriented music with a Nord Modular and its 
built in sequencers -- usually the output passes through a Jam Man or 
two on the way to tape, but it wouldn't need to do sound loopy.

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At 8:24 AM -0700 8/28/02, Mark Hamburg wrote:
>Given some of the responses, it's clear that I wasn't clear enough.
>I was not suggesting that looping synthesizers was somehow worse than
>looping other instruments. I was suggesting that from the standpoint of
>promoting looping, synthesizers get in the way because the audience
>dismisses anything interesting they hear as "being a synth" and that this
>spills over to musicians as well looking to broaden their tonal palettes.
>There was a story a while back in Guitar Player concerning someone (Leni
>Stern?) who saw David Torn play and wondered what guitar synth he was 
>The happy ending is that she asked and he told her that no synths were
>involved and it was loops plus other processing. How many people don't
>bother to ask?
>And to put this in perspective, I just bought a Waldorf Microwave XT, so 
>certainly not opposed to synthesizers. I just think that they may be an
>issue that needs to be overcome if we wanted to promote a greater public
>awareness of looping.


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