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Re: is this a known bub in repeater?

Huh? If you clear the card- when you re-write it will actually write
contiguously within the params of the FAT system cluster size- the only way
it would write fragmented is if there were fragmented files remaining on 
card-  at least I think that's how it would work- I could try it sometime
and view the results in Norton Utilities-


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> If the CFC was close to being full, wouldn't writing the same files back
to the CFC cause defragmentation?  You're assuming the writes will happen
contiguously (not just unfragmented but also nice and neat with no gaps
between each file)?  It seems that if there are gaps between earlier files
written, then the last files to be written will have to be fragmented.
> At 09:32 PM 2002/08/28 -0400, Tom Ritchford wrote:
> >>You could probably just plug it into the pc and defrag directly and 
> >>back into the Rptr, no?
> >
> >much better just to upload the whole thing to the computer
> >and reformat the disk and reload the samples...