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Re: Repeater ruminations

--- Mark Hamburg <mark_hamburg@baymoon.com> wrote:
> * I felt like the sequences of button presses were at least as
> complicated as on the EDP, but then again I was playing with 
> multiple tracks.

Perhaps it depends on your background. Coming from a multitrack
recording background, I found the Repeater to be extremely intuitive. I
haven't had the opportunity to use an EDP yet.

> * Threshold/trigger recording is more awkward than on the EDP since
> you have to explicitly invoke it every time.

Sounds like a job for your midi controller.

> * Once two tracks are locked together as a stereo pair even erasing
> the loop seems to leave them locked together. Did I miss something?

It remembers the last state you used the tracks in. If it was stereo,
it stays stereo (even after you delete the tracks), if it was mono, it
stays mono...until you change it. You can select a single track from
the stereo pair by holding down the track select for one while you
press the other one.

> * What's with this running out of memory after doing lots of
> overdubs? It's
> not like it lets one walk back through the overdubs (beyond the
> single level
> of undo). So what's it doing with the memory? Did I miss something?

It retains one level of overdub, and it uses additional memory for each
track. Perhaps you used very close to the memory limit on your initial
tracks, so overdubs are pushing the threshold.

Are you recording to the internal memory or the CFC? This is one of the
more confusing things I've noticed about the unit. If the loop number
has a little tick mark next to it, it's on the (very limited size)
internal memory. Select a loop number on the CFC (no tick mark next to
the loop number in the display) before you start and you shouldn't have
memory problems ...well... unless your card is full (or missing).

> * Even playing mostly percussion sounds, I was able to encounter the
> issues caused by the Repeater not going straight into overdub mode.

This has never really bothered me. I guess it's just how you get used
to working. Personally, I like to drop it out of record and listen for
a minute to decide what I want to add. I guess if I had more of a fixed
arrangement, I might want this feature more.

> * Can anyone think of a better approach to maintaining an underlying
> loop
> while doing stuff over the top and keeping everything sync'd
> together? 

I record most of my efx into the loop itself, so it's guitar -> efx ->
repeater. I only use the efx loop occasionally. This way I don't need
to sync to anything, since whatever needs to be synchronized is already
processed and recorded.


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