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Re: Repeater ruminations

I was actually hitting the limit -- i.e., getting the countdown.

My guess now is that I multiplied the loop and was getting by on virtual
multiplies for a while for some of the tracks and after I expanded them to
the full loop length I was then out of space.


on 8/30/02 11:26 PM, Goddess at thefates@earthlink.net wrote:

> Mark, just out of curiocity, did you run out of memory, or just read that
> it can happen in the manual?  I'm asking because I  was pretty alarmed by
> this while reading about it, but it seems to be a case of bad writing.  I
> spoke with Jamie at Electrix while Electrix was still Electrix, lol!  and
> he said that it's basically that if you don't have enough space in the 
> or on a card to record one more loop, (stereo or mono) that the unit 
> count down while you were  recording that loop.  He said overdubbing only
> uses the memory  required for the current loop being recorded, and just
> keeps adding new data, so as long as you initially had enough for that 
> loop, you wouldn't be using up more memory as you went along, and thusly,
> wouldn't run out while overdubbing.
> Anyway, best of luck in your decision.  Have a great weekend!...