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Re: Repeater levels/ noise

>  Actually, out of the three that I've heard that are supposed to be
>functioning normally, they are inherently noisy to some degree.  
>of the signal level, there's a noise floor which sounds like a modulated
>hum with a slight hiss.  It seems to be more pronounced in the headphone
>jack, but with proper levels, it probably won't be easily heard if at all.
>The main outs seem quieter, and again, should work fine at proper levels.

 The headphone amp is noisy but there is also that noise floor as you say.
I have made significant  progress  in the last few hours by just being
very, very careful with the input levels, trying to get every ounce of gain
without clipping.  Most digital gear has a lot more headroom than this
thing. Pitch and tempo shifting also generates more  noise, but works a lot
better when the input level is optimum.  I have to admit I still haven't
sat down and gone thru the  manual page by page, the little beast is so
darned intuitive and just begs to be messed with...but maybe I  really

Mike b

Mike Berman