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Re: Repeater levels/ noise

Well, the repeater amp is pretty hot. I,too can't use the headphones levels
higher than 3. This depends also on the resistance of the headphones. For
example AKG makes two kinds of every serie of headphones, M and S. All the 
have a value of 600 Ohms (and therefore are lower in perceived volume) and
the S are 55 Ohm, so they sound louder.


P.S. Happy birthday LD
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> >What what what?  I just double checked this with a pair of AKG K240DF
> >with the headphone gain at 6 and I couldn't hear any excessive hiss or
> >noise at all.
> >
> >Mark Sottilaro
> Well I use  SONY 7506's .Headphone efficiency could make a huge
> With  headphone output at 6 on the Sony's I hear the same thing  as
> described by "Goddess":
> >  Actually, out of the three that I've heard that are supposed to be
> >functioning normally, they are inherently noisy to some degree.
> >of the signal level, there's a noise floor which sounds like a modulated
> >hum with a slight hiss.  It seems to be more pronounced in the headphone
> >jack, but with proper levels, it probably won't be easily heard if at
> But now that I have a better angle on recording with good levels, I doubt
> would ever want to turn the Sony's up much past 3.
> Either my repeater's  headphone amp is very hot or the 7506's  are very
> efficient  because with properly recorded track levels and track playback
> levels only hitting  around the "0" marks,  turning the headphones to 6
> deafening. At 3, that noise is  negligible at worst. I can't hear it at
> Maybe I'm rationalizing. I wish that noise wasn't there but from what
> others here are saying apparently it's normal and just needs to be
> by making good recordings.
> Mike Berman
> digiboy@nyc.rr.com