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re: CDR longevity

Steuart asked about CDR longevity:

I've never had a single complaint, Steuart and I've been putting them out
for the last three years.

The media cost is so inexpensive that I don't even worry about it, frankly,
I just let people know that I"ll burn them another one if they ever need me
to.    You can always put 'lifetime guarantee' on a website but I doubt
you'd ever have a single person take you up on it.

I have this theory:   most people don't listen to an individual CD very 
times...........usually, unless they are in love with it (which is rare)
most people will only listen to something they own once or twice, maybe a
half a dozen times.

What is everyone else's experience with this little theory?

I've just noticed my own listening habits in this regard.  I have hundreds
and hundreds of CDs that I never listen to.  I love owning them because,
occasionally I go back in and play something for my wife or for a student,
but you get my drift.    Maybe I'm just a music

take care,  Rick Walker (loop.pool)