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Modeling Amps

Just curious....

What kinds of modeling amps are folks from this site using (where

I've bought (and sold) several different incarnations since I've 'arrived'
at using the Fender Cyber-twin and a Roland VG-88 (ok-not really an amp). I
did own, at one time, a Roland VGA-7 that I really liked for it's tuning, 
string and capo capabilities. I also tried a VOX Valvetronix which I REALLY
wanted to like but it, again, seemed to be oriented towards lots of
distortion/headbanging sounds. Oh, I returned a Rocktron Replitone twin
speaker amp. A very nice amp, I might say. Very loud! Good effects, too. 
lous for my home studio, though.

The Cyber Twin is an awesome amp, IMHO. It produces very nice-sounding
models, particularly of Fender models (duh!).

Anyhow, I was just curious of other folk's experiences from this website.

Regards, Paul