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RE: Modeling Amps

I've used a Tech21 Trademark 60 for awhile- great amp- though can be a
little noisy- they also have a 120 watt 2x12- my current fav is the
Tech21 Tri AC stomp box- sounds great- simple to use- 3 presets- you set
the knobs then double click the switch and it is set.



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  Though not an amp, the Boss GT-6 works really well with my Steinberger
GL-2-T.   I'd set up a Brian May patch from Killer Queen, since I like
tone quite alot, and last weekend, when playing with Brother Synch, or
least two brothers from said arrangement, lol!  Bret said, "Hey!, -it's
Brian May!" -without my saying anything about the patch.  
  Anyway, I've tried the POD, Line-6 Veta, the Vox, the VGA-7, the GT-3,
Digitech RP-2000, VG-8, and VG-88, and actually prefer the 6 since it
the most like a tube so far, in one pedal  board processor.  I've not
either the Fender Cybertwin or the Marshall Modeling amp, and would like
to, but really would like a nice light little floor processor so I can
carry it and go direct so am really happy with the 6.  In addition to
Vox AC-30 Brian May idea, I was able to get very close to a Fender
whose clean tone I really like.  
  Anyway, it also has some very musical synth tones which I also like,
very nice effects, so depending on your tastes, it might be something
trying.  -just my thoughts.  -Best of luck...  



 At 09:01 PM 9/9/02 -0400, you wrote:
>Just curious....
>What kinds of modeling amps are folks from this site using (where
>I've bought (and sold) several different incarnations since I've
>at using the Fender Cyber-twin and a Roland VG-88 (ok-not really an
amp). I
>did own, at one time, a Roland VGA-7 that I really liked for it's
tuning, 12
>string and capo capabilities. I also tried a VOX Valvetronix which I
>wanted to like but it, again, seemed to be oriented towards lots of
>distortion/headbanging sounds. Oh, I returned a Rocktron Replitone twin
>speaker amp. A very nice amp, I might say. Very loud! Good effects,
too. Too
>lous for my home studio, though.
>The Cyber Twin is an awesome amp, IMHO. It produces very nice-sounding
>models, particularly of Fender models (duh!).
>Anyhow, I was just curious of other folk's experiences from this
>Regards, Paul


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