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Re: loop IV test modes?

At 04:48 PM 9/9/2002, Bret wrote:
>Kim, Matthias, et. al.
>Recently, I needed to run the VCA DC offset trimmer test.
>I followed the archives listing:
>To get into the trimmer test, Start the unit while holding the
>Parameter and Record buttons down. Keep them held while the startup
>screen goes by, until the display shows all t's. Then let go. Should
>say 7F. Press parameter so the "Keys" LED is lit, then press Insert to
>start the trimmer test.
>This does not work as described, in Loop IV, so I put Loop III in the
>edp and ran the test and set the trim pot.  It worked fine.
>Is there a way to enter test modes in Loop IV?

hold down Parameter and Overdub at power up to get to that set of tests in 
LoopIV. you don't have to wait for the startup screen to finish anymore, 
goes directly to the test.

>Are there other test modes that may be useful in Loop IV?

go to the midi row, press mute, turn feedback knob.


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