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Re: Confirmed: My EDP is broken.

My condolences. I can relate.

I have a sick Boomerang. I would like to get it fixed and get the upgrade 
at the same time. 

I'll pay.

I've left 5 messages on their answering machine over the past 2 weeks. No 
call back.

Maybe they're on holiday?

If anyone knows these guys, tell them to call me.

Henry Heine


Bag End Loudspeakers
vox 847 382 4550
fax 847 382 4551

sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:
> Well, at this point, I'm pretty damn sure it's not oxidized memory, or 
> seated eproms.  I've been over and over those roads.  I left a loop 
>running all
> night, it was still going this morning, but a *gentle* tap brought the 
>house of
> cards down.  Could be a bad solder joint somewhere, but why speculate?  
>I can't
> fix it.
> My EDP is broken.
> So, where do I go from here?  I guess I send it somewhere and wait.  I'm
> pissed, but what am I going to do?  It mainly sucks because these things 
> your instrument, and when they die it's hard not to get emotional about 
> Thanks to all of you who offered me your extra EDPs, but I'm going to 
> myself from the EDP for a while and just stick with my Repeater for now.
> Mark Sottilaro