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Re: Glitch in Repeater's loop

Hmmm interesting.  I bet/wonder that this might be done to a blank loop, 
so you'd be able to create
your drone on the fly.... I will try this for sure.

Mark Sottilaro

S V G wrote:

>      As I was working with my Repeater last night, I came upon a 
>workaround that many people here
> on the LD list have complained about... the glitch at the end/beginning 
>of a loop, especially
> noticable with a sustained sound like a drone.
>      This can be gotten rid of with the "trim" function.  One tap of the 
>trim switch puts you in
> "beats" mode, the second tap puts you in "seconds" mode.  It is this 
>second mode that you want.
> The process looks like this:
>      1) Record your loop, either stopping at the end or continuing in 
>playback mode.
>      2) Hit the "trim" button twice to enter "seconds" mode.
>      3) Turn the "Loop" knob two clicks to the right, trimming .02 
>seconds off the beginning of
> the loop (or whatever amount works best for you).
>      4a) One more hit of the "trim" button gets your back into the 
>regular screen.  This trim then
> can be undone.
>                  OR
>      4b) Hold the "trim" button for 1/2 second to enter "Trim Cut" mode. 
> Hitting the button one
> more time confirms the cut operation and the unnecessary tip is then 
>forever circumsized.  At this
> point, even the pills that make your loops grow 3-4 inches will be of no 
>avail.  :)  In other
> words, this is destructive editing, it cannot be undone.
>      All this is detailed on page 26 of the Repeater manual.
>      I tried this using a microphone and singing into it, the loop has a 
>very obvious glitch in it
> every time it loops around.  The trim function almost completely erases 
>that glitch.  The only
> glitch that I could detect was from the difference in my singing voice 
>at the beginning vs. the
> end of the loop.
>      Even though this is a bit of a hassle, still I can complete this 
>operation in less than one
> second.  Unfortunately, there are currently no MIDI commands to control 
>this aspect from a
> pedalboard.  To those who would complain of having to do even this, 
>perhaps this is a small price
> to pay for other benefits that would otherwise not appear on the 
>       Cheers,
>           SVG
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