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Re: Vibrato pedal for a cello..

With all due respect, I'd suggest practicing wiggling your wrist.

I don't say this from any sort of acoustic chastity, at all. In fact, 
some of my best friends are bowed strings played through pitch 
shifters. I built an electric 'cello in 1979 and still play the 
electric contrabass I made in 1977, through every Harmonizer(tm)-like 
device I can lay my clumsy hands on. I've programmed triggerable, 
randomized envelopes for depth and rate, and used weird MIDI pedals 
that output their rate of change as well as their x-y position to 
control the best Eventide algorithms.

I love the variety of textures and timbres that can be discovered 
down this instrumentation avenue, but I have never achieved a 
"realistic" vibrato effect. Maybe I'm a little picky, having spent a 
few years as sound guy for the Kronos Quartet, but for what it's 
worth, my advice is use the effects for what they are, not for what 
they might be like.

-Alex S.

At 9:27 AM -0500 9/17/02, Gary Phillips wrote:
>Hey gang....
>I need a vibrato pedal, possibly with
>external control, for a unique purpose.
>I'm a guitarist, but I recently purchased
>an electric cello.  It is going to be a while
>before I learn decent vibrato technique
>and I've had this idea that could get me
>utilizing the cello in recording a lot sooner.
>I want to run the cello's output to a vibrato
>pedal that I can control with a small lever
>attached to the bow.  I don't know whether
>I can get away with controlling only speed
>or whether I'd need to control depth as well.
>But I was wondering if there might be a pedal
>out there that could do the job.  I could even
>hack into the rate knob of the pedal and use
>a small potentiometer rigged to a lever on
>the bow....  or just use the pot/lever as the
>pedal for a MIDI controller.  Any ideas
>would be appreciated.  I am looking for a
>pedal that will give me the most realistic
>vibrato effect.
>PS:  Ever heard of Hans Reichel ?
>Luthier, musician, animator....
>This guy is way cool: