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Re: fripperstuff

Sorry mate - I missed your post.
It's all grist to the looping mill anyway eh?


> hmmm,
> while gareth is receiving tahnks for posting info about a plugin that was
> posted a week earlier by myself (who me bitter? :) you might also want to
> thank him for posting the link to this plugin which looks a bit more
> promising.  from the blurb:
> Loopitch is a long-period high-feeback looping machine, akin to 
> tape loops in "the old days" or digital Jam Man or Echoplex of today. Now
> all the Fripp and Torn wannabes out there can have fun with a MIDI
> controllable looper within a sequencing host!
> http://www.tencrazy.com/Loopitch/
> all in good humour
> the invisible michael