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Re: Digitech GNX3

Hi Steven
I'm a lurker on L-D. Not really what you asked, but if you want get into solo bass & looping, you HAVE to listen to Steve Lawson ... www.steve-lawson.co.uk  He also reads the list and posts sometimes.
Matthew Wilson.
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Sent: Monday, September 23, 2002 3:40 AM
Subject: Digitech GNX3

I'm a bass player trying to get into solo bass and looping and things like that but my current multieffects unit (Korg Ax1000G) only has 8 seconds of looping time which isn't really that useful.
I like guitar effects on bass most work very well so thats not an issue.
I understand that this pedal has a built in 8 track recorder and/or the jamman looper would this unit make a good all in one looper. I was thinking of gettinga dl4 and a rc20 which in the end will end up with me doing a little dance on stage to mess with all the other effects processors where as the digitech would allow me to loop/record and use effects wouldn't it?
Any one have any experiance with this unit, or know where I can read some good reviews
Thanks in advance.