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Fw: Playing the Pictures

I forwarded Per Boysen's response to the "Pictures While Playing"
thread to my friend cheryl o and she tried to respond - but it was
rejected as she's not a LD subscriber - so I thought I'd pass her
remarks along. BTW - here's a link to the "Sounds Assembling"
piece she mentions: http://www.mala.bc.ca/~mcneil/gal096.htm

Scott M2


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From: "cheryl o" <cheryl@cellojuice.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Thursday, 26 September, 2002 12:04 PM
Subject: Playing the Pictures

I have never corresponded with your site before, but I just had to 
respond to the comment that Per Boysen made about playing the 
pictures he sees.  This is cheryl o of cellojuice.com, and I was 
really blown away with Per's description of what he sees when he 
plays his music.  I, too, play what I see, not the other way around, 
and his line about geometrical shapes and colours was exactly like 
mine.  Sometimes I see jagged shapes, sometimes round, but
always I find that I am striving to recreate what I have already seen. 
Interestingly, I too was not exposed to music (or television) as a 
child.  Any relationship?

I once described my visions to my good friend and colleague Scott M2 
of Dreamstate, and he fished out a clipping of artist Bertram 
Brooker, and pointed me towards his paintings. You can see some of 
his paintings online,  check out particularly Alleluiah, and Sounds 
Assembling. Even the titles made me gasp.  These are my visions. 
This is what I play.