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Re: Eminems success / labels future

>>  Your own
>>  loftier and more spiritual aims seem to be a much more enlightened and
>>  healthy path to pursue, and I hope and pray that you manage to sell a
>>  shed-load of records along the way... :o)
>Yeah, I agree. At least enough sales that you can continue doing 
>what you love.
>That's important.

thats why I brought up this subject. I did not want to talk about 
Eminem but about the new market structure after the big stars sell 
less due to free distribution. Here in Brasil the problem is not so 
much the MP3 thing but the CD-R copies that you can buy on every 
market for arround $ 1.50!

So I was hoping that small labels like the ones most of us create or 
work for have a better chance to maintain some sales, since our CDs 
are not available for free easily.

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