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re: recordings of 1st WOMAN's LOOPING FESTIVAL artist performances and commercially available material.

Viz a vis, the question regarding recordings of people's sets.

A few of the individual artists's sets were recorded but not all of them.
Anyone interested would need to contact the artist's individually.

AMY X has excellent CDs out and I would highly recommend that anyone
purchase them.
I believe all of her material from this concert is faithfully reproduced on
CDs.  Check this wonderful artist out.

DARK MUSE (aka Phyll Smith) also has wonderful CDs out and I can highly
recommend them
to people who enjoy Dark Ambient material.

I'm expecting full length CDs from CQ and Unity Nguyen this year (nudge,
nudge, wink, wink) and I'm not sure if Audio Goddess has anything in the
works (well............?)

That's the poop.

yours,  Rick Walker (aka Loop.pooL)


 This is an afterthough, but I wanted to share it:

  It seems like a lot of loopers are interested in other loopers materials
but it seems rather rare that some one will actually
fork over some money to actually buy one.

My question is this:   If we are unwilling to support each other's artistry
financially, how the heck can we expect the buying public at large to
support our artistry.

My completely gratuitous advice:  There are some truly creative and great
recorded works
commercially available by many Loopers Delight artists.  Right off the bat 
can think of
David Torn, Steve Lawson, Amy X Neuburg, Ted Killian, Max Valentino, Andre
La Fosse, Tom Heasley and many,many more too numerous but nonetheless,
deserving to mention.

Buy them , gang!!!!

Let's put our mouths where our money is and support this community.

OK,  end of soapbox segment of this e-mail...................LOL!!!