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Relying on Gear

My thoughts--
I tried real hard to present a show at the Santa Cruz thang that was 
fatal error.  Done purty good, too . . . but those of you present may 
me saying on the first tune, "That'll come back to haunt me."  This shit is
hard!  And the more sophisticated a piece of gear (and the more frequently
you reconfigure your setup), the more difficult to achieve reliable 
You just gotta do it a lot . . .
That's the great thing about playing live with real people--they catch each
other when they fall.  Your gear is unforgiving--or mine is, anyway . . .
Hell, I saw Andre step on the wrong pedal in Santa Cruz.  He wasn't as used
to the PMC at that point, however, and he is one of the less accident prone
loopers (although he might disagree).  Steve Lawson also seems to stay out
of obvious trouble--wonder how he's doing with those twin EDPs.  Hey Steve,
how are you configuring them?  Serial or parallel?