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Re: only a A part?

On Saturday, October 12, 2002, at 03:42  PM, Andre LaFosse wrote:

> Yo Mark,
> Ya said:
>> While I LOVE the things Amy X and Brian Kenny Fresno do with their
>> loopers (Brian's a JamMan guy) I always get the feeling that they're
>> just trying to get away with not having to deal with not having a 
>> band,
>> you know?
> That's not my take on either of those two at all.  The only way I could
> see Amy doing her thing with "a band" would be if her band was half a
> dozen or more clones of herself, all singing together and starting or
> stopping on a dime.  And that in itself wouldn't take her own
> post-modernist/sample-based theatrical performative element into
> consideration (i.e. very visibly beating on her drumKAT controller 
> while
> different EDP things leap out), which is such a big part of her 
> "thing."

I was not cutting Amy's thing down, I love her act, I just said I don't 
think it's for me.  You never know though...

So yeah...

I like her music a lot, and I never said her method was not valid in 
any way.  I was not making a judgment call as to whether or not 
constructing a performance the way she does has any merit.  I'm 
actually toying with the idea myself, but I'm not sure... that sounds 
like work!

>> Sure, the
>> looper helps her do her show more easily,
> See my last comment above - I really don't perceive her thing as being 
> a
> "replacement" for a hypothetical band of multiple Amy Neubergs (which 
> is
> what she'd need to play her stuff sans EDP).  It strikes me as being a
> very direct use of the EDP on its own terms, frequently to musical ends
> that COULDN'T be acheived without it.

I disagree.  I've seen people do music like Amy's and Brian's in a band 
setup.  Nothing she did was impossible without the EDP... unless she 
did backwards stuff, which I can't recall now.  I'm not discounting the 
fact that it being her over and over didn't give the music a twist, but 
was it essential to the song?  Maybe, but I don't think so.  I'd love 
to see her with a little band doing those pieces.  I think it would be 
equally as interesting.

> Third perspective: might one say that playing along to sequences and
> drum machines would be at least as much of a "band substitute" as
> layering numerous vocal overdubs?
>> but is that what loopers are
>> about?  Not for me, I think.
> But for her, apparently so, yes?

Yes!  Of course, or I would have said, "For jerks." ;)

> How incredibly boring would it be if people automatically assumed that
> looping was supposed to be used for a specific musical style or
> approach?
> Oh wait... that's pretty much the way it is anyway!  ;)

Is it?  At the SLO and Santa Cruz loopfests, I saw an a bunch of 
different approaches and devices.  Each act had it's own personality 
IMO.  I cringed when someone (I won't mention them to protect the 
guilty) said, "... I can't spent too much time in there (S.C), so much 
of this looping is so generic..."  I didn't totally dig all the acts 
either... who could?  But I didn't hear much that I would have labeled 

>   To me it seems to be the difference between
>> making soup from a receipe or going to a market, buying what seems 
>> good
>> and then making it up from scratch.
>> Sure, you'll come up with stuff
>> that's not so edible sometimes, but you learn with time.
> Could it be that the "learning with time" angle is another way of
> describing a person coming up with their own recipie, which they then
> draw upon in their work?

Well, yes, I'm sure themes do develop in inprov and can be useful in a 
set piece, but I'm less interested in that and more in that magic when 
it "comes from thin air."  That said, I love a lot of pop music.

>> Maybe this
>> not so interesting for the audience, but it's a hell of a lot more
>> interesting to me as a musician, and to be honest, with the money I
>> made doing more pop structured music, I'm in this for fun now.
> This does raise the question: why DO you take your music in front of an
> audience, if getting what you do across to them isn't much of a 
> priority
> in comparison to your own enjoyment - which you say is paramount in 
> your
> concerns, and could certainly be done on your own?

Mainly to get blowjobs from groupies.  No, seriously, I gig live 
because I'm hesitent to join a gym, the contracts, the high fees...  
Just lug your gear around!  Now I kick sand in all the geeks faces at 
the beach!

> Hmmmm...

OK, you got me... I actually do want the love and recognision of my 
fellow humans.  There I said it.  I'm crying out for attention.  I want 
to be liked and admired.  I want to inspire others, like musicians have 
inspired me.  It took 35 years, but when a woman said, "Oooo you've got 
an eBow" (Yeah, that's right KIM!) and I married that woman as fast as 
I could!  It took me  23 years of playing before I finally slept with a 
fan.  Man, I must suck!  Do you like me Andre?  Please like me because 
I like you.  I want to be liked.  I don't mean to be evil... I just 
can't help it.

> All in good humor - but serious interest and intent...

I find no humor in your words and challenge you!  Pistols at sunrise!

Mark Sottilaro