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Re: Line6-problems

On Tuesday, October 15, 2002, at 07:54 AM, Carsten Wegener wrote:

> Do you understand the
> programming-thing with the DL4 and give me some hint?

To program what you want the footpedal to control, you just have to 
move the desired knob on the DL4, press the pedal down, move the knob 
then to the maximum position that you want, and then move the pedal 
accordingly.... Please bear in mind that the Line6 pedal does not have 
a stereo connection (like most volume/expression pedals), but a mono 
connection. I've experimented with a 'stereo' pedal, and it was a 
little erratic.

I've just read the above paragraph, and realise that I need to drink 
more coffee.

Are you using the Line6 expression pedal?