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RE: recommended recordings - Frisell

A "strange meeting" can be scary or thrilling.  The way you describe the
Power Tools Record, I CERTAINLY hope it's still in print somewhere.  Sounds
like something worth a good long listen.  Again and again when you've just
got to be in the dark.  With no one watching.

I'm not yet familiar with Trio Records...

My friend Pat was once looking for a place where she could find a copy of
the "Haunted" soundtrack by Debbie Wiseman.  I pointed her to the agent 
for Debbie Wiseman but that was not the proper route, I don't think.  Is
there any possibility that either of you two has any idea where a somewhat
esoteric Soundtrack Cd can be ordered online- or where one might find a cd
like that?

Thanks in advance.


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Steve suggested:

> Ghost Town is a truly remarkable album, was a defining moment for me,
> listening wise... every note Frisell plays is essential, but GhostTown is
> marvellous loop intro to the great man. also worth checking out are all
> trio records, the recent one with Elvin Jones and Dave Holland, the 
> Keaton soundtracks, and the live mid 90s one...

Agree that these are great records with very musical looping. But my top
defining moment was hearing the Power Tools record "Strange Meeting" with
Melvin Gibbs and Ronald Shannon Jackson. Absolutely awesome; potent,
musical, haunting. Dont know if it's still in print but was released on
Antilles in UK in 1988.

Another essential source of Frisell loopabilly are the trio records with
Paul Motian and Joe Lovano. And no bass player - fantastic (I say this as a
bass player)! A good starting point is "Live in Tokyo" on JMT.

And then there's "Absinthe" by Naked City (Tzadik); ambient swampadelica
grunge  loops.

Enough for now.