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Re: EDP+ in France

>  don't think it is very correct to say the DJRND is not suited for 
> live musicians, it seems to me live use is exactly what it was 
> designed for.

Ok, maybe I did not explain my views well enough....

I'm not knocking the DJRND, but I did have a few hours to test it 

I was talking with regards to musicians who play instruments live... in 
other words, both hands are tied up actually playing an instrument. 
There is no way to actually control the DJRND via midi. Also, it has a 
midi clock sync output, but no input thus it does not take into account 
that the performer might want to use another Midi source as the master 

So I'll stand by what I said - the DJRND is geared very much for the 
console DJ/electro musician, and in my opinion, the Repeater, should he 
have allowed its sale in France, would have had negligable if any 
impact on his product.

Alas, Electrix is dead, so this is going nowhere :)

I'm just glad that I will one day (soon) be able to try an EDP....;
Stuart Wyatt (Solo String Project) - http://SoloString.com