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RE: REASONable software looper question

FYI.  there will be a full length feature on Reason 2.0 in the upcoming
December issue of Remix.
Issues start mailing on Nov 15th.

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Subject: Re: REASONable software looper question

> Hi all,
> I understand there are some Propellerhead Reason users
> on the list. I'm contemplating taking the plunge into
> this here software thingy too. Can anybody elaborate
> on the "Recycle" based looper contained therein --
> theoretically, practically, usefully? I'm a guitarist,
> Mac guy . . . be gentle (I scare easily). What might I
> be able to expect this puppy to be capable of -- or
> NOT capable of (more'n likely)?

The 'recycle' based looper isn't a looper at all -it's a drum loop sampler.
It loads files, usually drumloops, created with the software recycle and
allows you to trigger each section of the file via the sequencer.

The big draws of Reason are the 'all in one' aspect of it, the 'eye candy'
factor of the 'fake' rack, and the fact that it's cheap as this software
stuff goes. People with limited experience and gear at their disposal can
get nice sounds out of in seconds. It's become very popular with beginners
and dabblers because of this, though the UI, while heavy on eye candy, is
somewhat clunky for actual use, compared to the competition - particularly
Cubase SX with VST plugins (which is a lot more expensive to boot).

A lot of it's tools can only be programmed with a mouse, which is very
frustrating, since would be extremely cool to use live, if only
pre-programming the drum and step sequencer modules was easier. Also, it 
no midi output, so you can't control other gear with it.

I use it as a gigantic VST plugin on a couple of songs on my latest 
but if I hadn't gotten as part of a bundle of stuff I don't think I would
have picked it up.