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Re: REASONable software looper question


In a message dated 10/23/02 4:03:21 PM, nicholson_matt@msn.com writes:

>Reason stands on its own for good synths for cheap. 

Like I said this is MOST of what I want it for. I've heard
some of the sounds generated by Reasons synths and 
have been impressed. I was thinking of maybe, possibly 
getting an Oxygen8 USB keyboard and playing around 
with it in Reason. If there were also some sort of 
"loop player" for my .AIFFs files that could be played from 
the MIDI note-on/off from that USB mini-keyboard input it
could sort of replace my little hardware phrase samplers

I'm a MIDI guitar(s) and EDP(s) kind of guy and have never 
particularly warmed to sequencers . . . though I've owned 
and used a few from time to time over the years. Heck, my 
Roland guitar synth has one in it that I've NEVER really used 
it over seven years of ownership (except for the first time).

I also use samplers and my computer to create "canned"
loops too. They usually start with a recording of me 
playing something on whatever instrument . . . and then 
I warp it beyond recognition in Arboretum Hyperprism. 
Then I load it back into one of 2 little phrase samplers 
I've got (a Roland and an Akai). BTW --both of those 
little samplers have sequencers in them that I've NEVER 

It simply seemed to me like my iBook (with Reason) and 
an Oxygen8 would be a nice little addition to my set up
and might even offer a more flexible replacement for my
dorky little phrase samplers which have not been totally
satisfactory anyway. If I also finally found a sequencer in
Reason that was something worth using too --so much 
the better (but it's really not essential to me).

That's pretty much what I'm after. Can the Dr. Rex loop 
player in Reason be played via MIDI/USB from the Oxygen8? 
And . . . can the several MIDI control knobs on the Oxygen8 
act as faders for individual loops? The Oxygen 8 can send 
the data but will Dr. Rex respond? That's (in a nutshell)
what I need to know.


Ted Killian