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OT: For Terje Rypdal Fans

Hi there,

Please pardon the guitar-geek speak here. Rypdal is
not particularly a "looper" of any sort but he was/is
a big influence on me (and I understand a few others
guitar-o-philes on the list as well). I've been a big fan
for nearly 25 years (gosh I'm old) and can't get enough
of his sublime (but fairly infrequent) recordings.

I was just checking out the website for ECM records 
(also a personal fave) and found out that Rypdal is due 
to have a new disc out soon . . . in November to be 
exact. The new disc is called "Lux Aeterna" and it
sounds like another one of his fine guitar/orchestral
cross-pollinations from the site's description at:


I can hardly wait.


tEd  kiLLiAn