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Re: FW: RE: SV: AmbiLoop 1.20 released

     Hi Chris. Sounds Great!!! I am looking forward to the release of the next version. Thanks again for continuing to develop AmbiLoop.

In a message dated 10/29/2002 5:23:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, cpr@musetrap.com writes:

Hello Per,

Chris Roberts here, I'm the guy who's implemented the MIDI support in AmbiLoop...
:) Chris MacDonald (the original author of AmibLoop) and I do plan on supporting
midi sync (both in and out) in the future... I can't commit to any dates,
but I am targetting being done with new MIDI features by the end of the
year... And, I am not commiting to what those features are, lol, but, at
a minimum they will include MIDI sync (clock, timecode, songposition possibly)
out and an greatly enhanced MIDI control system. The enhancements to the
MIDI control system will include the ability to process MIDI input before
sending it to what it is controlling, for example, take a CC message, route
it to volume of track 1; and take that same CC message, invert it, and send
it to the volume of track 2, resulting in cross fading... I am also introducing
the ability to send MIDI triggers to 'processes' like an LFO... So you could
trigger an LFO, set it's rate, etc... I think there will be some really
cool things that can be done with the new stuff... I hope this gives you
(and everyone else) something to look forward to... :)