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Re: playing loops or let the looper play?

Matthias wrote:

>but when you practice for a ritual, you dont really call the spirits.

Sometimes *all* is ritual, hm?

Sarah and I are in the process of preparing for moving in with her Mum, in 
150-year-old six-bedroom house.  There's a shadowy lady in victorian black
who appeared to her Dad on the basement stairs once, and not to me as yet -
but then I've not moved in yet.  When I do I can guarantee you that 
be some new music of some kind emerging, which of course guarantees a
disruption of some kind to the quiet, tomb-like atmosphere of that 
Of course we've got to upgrade the electricity in the house to prevent me
burning it down just by plugging in!

So I'll let you know what the converse of the above phrase is like, whereby
the spirits are already there, and one just happened to move into their
space and make music happen.  You can't please everyone, you know? [wink]

But back on-topic, I see the loops I use in the same manner as my *other* 
units, as conduits and tools through which I produce sounds of various
kinds.  To pick it further apart for me would most likely spoil the fun, if
not also the chance of random events or "happy accidents", as Eno put it.  
probably don't exploit the two Zoom 2100's I have, as much as others on 
list would, I just want to set up the patch so that it sounds like what I
want, then the loop, and go.  In opposition to many things I do actually,
I'm less interested in the process than I am in the result.  Oh well!

Back off-topic, and I probably should have gone over this round 
There have been a few times when what was coming out of my speakers sounded
very much like spectral voices, that'd say something you forgot about the
moment after you began to understand what you'd heard, as if I'd punched a
hole through to a hallway for the undead.  This was without the use of
voices being input to the loops.  I found myself wondering if this was on
the same level of bizarre effect that one gets via pointing video at a 
broadcast TV channel... Perhaps one of these times I'll have the presence 
mind to record it, eh?

S.P. Goodman
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