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Howdy my fellow loopers,

Every now and then you read something or hear something (like the first 
I heard
Jungle/Drum & Bass on a car commercial) that indicates that things are

Today, I read the little preview of the Amy X Neuburg/John Whooley show at
Cayuga Vault last week.

In it, it says:

"Critics sing the praises of her ebullient and miraculous vocals, while
professors from Mills College CCM awarded her a masters in electronic 
which may have fueled the presupposition that Neuburg is one of the most
brilliant looping artists of our time....."

Well, ladies and gentlemen,  that's the first time that I've ever read a
mainstream press
reference to a looping artist without any explanation of what the term
meant.  The journalist talks about looping as if everyone knows what they
are talking about.

It's started folks................I knew it would.

Far Fucking Out!!!

yours,   a very happy Rick Walker

p.s.  This is even cooler because Amy, like list member Andre LaFosse
purposefully eschews
being characterized, specifically as a looping artist.

p.p.s.  I now fully expect Richard Zvonar to direct me some article in an
electronic music magazine from 1971 refering to someone as a looping