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RE: another NEW live gig MP3!!!


Hey thanks very much...you know, it was a new setup for me, so I got to 
try out a bunch of new sounds and things and I do liek it very much as 
well. It is strange how the gear can affect what kind of music and things 
happen when improvising I had played a gig there the week before and I had 
a different setup (solid state amp versus tube and no f/x pedal ) and 
recorded it as well and the sound is so different?! hmmm, that makes me 
think the gear has a ton to do with it. Well, I plan on making short run 
CD's of the shows I recorded and if I do I can let the list know.I record 
them for fun and lovce to hear how I did, mistakes and things and this one 
was just mono , one mic up to the speaker of the combo amp, but I wonder 
what it would be like in stereo. Well, anyway, thanks very much for taking 
a listen.Oh yeah, I cant rave enough about the digitech rpp50 for $69, 
wow!! It is tiny fits in your guitar case and it has lots of effects and 
sounds decent and drum machine even,cool!!

Denis Taaffe