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Re: Quantize=8th...

  HI All, am away on holiday until tomorrow, but finally finally FINALLY!
got to play with my new baby!, an EDP!   Woohoo!   The first time I layed
my hands on it this evening, I set the quantize to 16 and went totally
glitchy to a dear friend playing hymns and christmas carols on her electric
dulcimer synth, it worked out strange and wonderfully.   <smile>   I also
just happened to record it!   Woohoo!   Anyway, -love the 16th quant and
replace bit bunches!   I'm using it along with undo to create some
wonderfully organic and evolving glitchinessessessessessessessess...
  Anyway, love it bunches!   Have a wonderful evening All!...   



   At 04:02 PM 11/29/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Damn, Steve, you're gonna pull me out of retirement...!
>Steve Lawson wrote:
>> I'm just getting into it, especially in replace mode - have you done any
>> polyrythmic stuff with switching 8th=? during a piece 
>I personally haven't, but if you're interested in 8th-quant polyrhythms,
>try this on for size:
>1) Plug a pedal into the feedback hack
>2) Set Insertmode to Substitute
>3) Set Interface mode (under "loop/delay" parameters) to either Stutter
>or Replace
>The reason for number 3 is that, because the pedal controls feedback in
>these modes, the actual front panel knob becomes a "Substitute Feedback"
>control.  Which simply means that you can adjust how much of the
>original loop will still be heard when using Substitute.
>If you turn the front feedback knob all the way to the left, then
>Substitute will cover up all of the original material in the loop.  If
>you turn it all the way to the right, then Substitute basically becomes
>Overdub -  you can still hear the original material in the loop after
>you perform the Substitute function.
>So, you could lay down a 4/4 groove in a single-cycle loop, and then set
>8th/cycle to, say, 5.  If you start doing 8th-quantized Substitute
>business with the front Feedback knob full right, then you'll get these
>5:4 polyrhythms happening, but it'll be a truly audible polyrhythm,
>because you'll still be able to hear the original loop content (because
>you turned the Feedback knob all the way to the right in Stutter or
>Replace mode).
>Jesus, that reads a lot more complex than it actuall is, I promise.
>> - any conceptual ideas to pass on?
>Me?  Conceptual ideas?  What on Earth are you talking about?!  Now if
>you'd asked for good beer recommendations...
>- I like using 8th-quant with Substitute a lot, because it's a very
>surprising, subtle, and smooth way of changing things.  You can play
>stuff into the EDP and not have any idea how it's going to sound until
>you hear it back.  But because 8th-quant is on, it will automatically
>have a highly rhythmic quality.  Kind of like giving glitch-core a nice
>suit and a haircut.  (Can you tell I need to get out of the house more? 
>And get a haircut?)
>It's particularly cool if you set the 8th/cycle value to a higher value
>than you could realistically play in real time, i.e. putting 8th/cycle
>to 16 at a tempo where one cycle = 180 BPM or so.
>- Use some variation when you're doing 8th-quant stuff.  Hold the
>replace button down for different lengths of time to introduce some
>variation in the length of the replace/substitute action, to get away
>from the "step sequencer" feel, and try adding a few drops of silence by
>hitting the button without playing anything into it.  
>Or try doing lots of replace/substitute in one part of a loop, but
>leaving the rest of the loop unaltered, for a sort of post-Timbaland
>start-stop effect.  (Dude, I'm giving away all my good tricks here...)
>- Like Per said, 8th-quant in conjunction with changing speed is a lot
>of fun.
>> I'm kind of experimenting with glitchy FSU stuff at the moment,
>You're well on your way to being the first guy to open for both Level 42
>and Autechre...
>> but wondering about more predictable processes and outcomes...
>...which is interesting to hear you say, since I find 8th-quant most
>useful for UN-predictable outcomes.  It does impose a more assuredly
>rhythmic effect, but I find that when I know precisely what I want to do
>with Replace stuff, I like having Quantize off, because I can be more
>accurate and exact with the way I use it.
>8th-quant is like automatic transmission, and unquantized is like
>driving a stick.
>> Anyone with an EDP who hasn't got Loop IV yet, you are missing out on so
>> many very very cool features... get it, and let the features teach you 
>> new stuff... :o)
>True dat.  And mad props to Andy Butler for coming up with 8th-quant in
>the first place.
>As is horribly apparent by now, I'm in very dire need of a brisk walk
>and a cup of coffee...
>Most best,
>--Andre LaFosse
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