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[looper's] RE: very cute little JL cooper box

Title: [looper's] RE: very cute little JL cooper box

>When I say that the faders are "uncomfortable" I mean that they are
>sharp and painful.

>You may find as I do that the avoidance of pain is an important part
>of ergonomics.

couldn't agree more. I mean, they've gone for a dedicated- rather than assignable- approach, and given the thing plenty of sliders and buttons, but they're all so tiny that you could easily move the wrong one whilst trying to use it to perform a multitrack mixdown or effects change. which, presumably, you'd be recording into y'r pc as a sequence of midi events.... they're trying to reintroduce a hands-on control surface into the increasingly virtual environment but they seem to have missed a meeting somewhere along the way. rules it right out for live use, too.

if I were using a pc/mac based multitrack (which I'm not, and probably never would), I would use a pc1600 for level control and transport functions, and a drehbank for other channel parameters. both of these boxes can be set up to do all sorts of other stuff over midi, and the pc1600... (goes into pro-pc1600 rant for the eleventh time....). and there was the short-lived roland vm3100, with configurable transport buttons and audio faders that doubled as midi faders. if only they'd made those things a bit bigger....

as for going-through-null; isn't that more usually a function of the receiving device? "don't do anything until the incoming controller value reaches the current value" sort of thing....



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