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re: Fripp/Eno

>how about one of eno's wonderful songs, instead of a loopathon? you
>take a crack at "driving me backwards" or "king's lead hat" (his
>heads tribute); I especially like the synth solo in the latter.

    There are already bands doing Roxy Music, Solo Eno ( I can't wait to see if they can pull off that "Baby's on Fire" solo!) and I am also going to be doing a Talking heads set with my band. Set list:

-I Zimbra



-Memories can't wait

-The Overload

-Seen and not seen

-Mea Culpa (from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts)


p.s. I am using the dual reel to reel set-up for the Fripp stuff.


   I am using the dual reel to reel for the Fripp stuff although not Revoxes

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