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Re: Laptop Looping via MAX/MSP

Dear Lou,

While I prefer using the Echoplex Digital Pro for looping, I've began
using Max/MSP this summer with a PowerBook, and the Tascam US428 USB

I don't know of any retail outlets for Max/MSP. I only saw Cycling 74's
Pluggo listed in the Sweetwater catlog. 

I guess that since Max/MSP is a programming environment, there's
probably less interest in it across the larger music software market.
You trade off versatility for a steep learning curve. If you're familar
with working on old analog modulkar synths, you can grasp the concept

Simply downloading the 30-day demo, or purchasing it, direct from
Cycling 74 may be the only answer. 

The folks who run Cycling 74 are very helpful. I think of Max/MSP users
as a community rather than a market. 

The Tascam US428 is 4in/2out, mixing surface controller with 8 faders,
MIDI i/o that will work Max/MSP. So far, I've only cobbled together a
patch that allows me use the US428 faders to send control the parameters
of a filter patch, which I was using to process the output of a Echoplex 

I hope this helps....

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