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OT: BBE sonic maximizer

     BBE are discontinuing their 482 and 882 series of sonic maximizers.  
They are being replaced
with the 482i and the 882i, which are just repackages of the originals 
with sturdier faceplates
and nicer knurled knobs.  Street price was around $200 for the 482 and 
Guitar Center is carrying
them for $100.  I just picked a 482 up yesterday after calling BBE to 
confirm which model would be
most suitable for my applications.  Wow.

     It's not an EQ device like the exciter type modules, rather it 
"corrects" the phase
distortions that occur from sending any signal through an amp and 
speakers.  I play a digital
piano and hearing those inner voices is very important to the style that I 
value.  This 482 has
done a minor miracle in clarifying the mix for me.  Damn, now I have to 
play more accurately!

     Usually it is the last processor in your signal chain, coming after 
any EQ or compression. 
It requires a line level input and so can be inserted in your effects loop 
from your guitar amp. 
I'd be curious to hear what other people's experiences are with this unit, 
I'm pretty impressed by
what I'm hearing so far in my own studio.



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