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CD-R issue

i have burned about 140 cdr-da's (digital audio) w/ my philips cd 
recorder since i've gotten it in march of this year,
and i check all copies that come out (listen to first track and last track)
and they have all sounded fine on my cd player (sony 5 slot thing). 
i've only had one friend say that my cd(r) didn't play in his system. 
i never followed up to get specs of his system etc. i know that my 
old sony cd player that bit the dust 2 yrs ago would not play cdr 
that a friend burned for me from a computer. but my new(er) sony has 
had no problems.

funny on the (professional) cd vs cdr issue: last weekend i just took 
a bunch of cd's that i've not listened to in years to a local used 
"record shop". in comparison: the cdr's i've received from people on 
the LD site i don't think i will ever get rid of.  for some reason to 
me, since they are "homemade" on the individual's system, i think of 
them as more "personal" and for some reason a bit more "art-like", 
and hence i won't ever get rid of them from my collection. it might 
also be that i love the material on them, the sound is good, the 
performances are good, etc. it's inspiring to hear others using 
looping, etc.
oh well, my 2 cents for the day on the cdr vs. cd issue.....

>I wasn't knocking CD-r's. In fact I'm quite happy with the 
>do-it-yourself-ness they represent. I sometimes even specifically 
>look for them when record shopping.
>What I was alluding to is the attitude the record stores, and to 
>some degree, the buying public has to them. It's happening less and 
>less, but I've had experiences with record stores making faces when 
>they find out your "CD's" are CDr's.