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RE: cd release party live MP3 !!!


thanks for the kind comments. I do appreciate you taking a listen!! Well, 
I do plan on doing some short Cd-r runs of the entire concert. I have 
about 4 or 5 entire concerts recorded on my recorders, but have not 
transfreed them, another project for another time I guess. well, thanks 
again and yes playing with loops live is the best!! I have a hard time 
playing without any looping these days.

Denis Taaffe

--- "Taaffe, Denis G" <dtaaffe@indiana.edu> wrote:

>    http://www.dtguitar.com/vertigonov26.mp3
> If you take a listen, let me know what you think, would be appreciated.

Very nice work. I've heard major label CDs that I didn't like as much.


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