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Studio sale : looping/recording stuff

I'm going through a transition towards a more software-oriented
recording environment and need to sell a bunch of hardware. All of it is
very good to mint condition - never gigged, never left my home studio
etc... I'll be putting whatever doesn't succumb to your collective GAS
(gear acquisition syndrome) up on eBay in a week or so, so contact me
quickly at darcyc@engin.umich.edu to avoid wrangling with the unwashed
hordes on eBay. I'd prefer PayPal payment - shipping to be added to the
costs listed below. For what it's worth, you can check my eBay feedback
ratings using my email address as the user id.

Cheers !


$700.00 Repeater with FS300, manual, original box + 2 CF cards (8MB +
$190.00 Line6 DL-4 w/ Power supply, manual, original box

$90.00  Johnson J-station amp modeller, manual original box
$110.00 Boss gx-700, power supply, manual, original box

$200.00 Mackie 1202-vlz mixer
$125.00 echo gina 20-bit digital audio PCI card + breakout box (PC/Mac)
$120.00 dbx 286a mic preamp/processor
$300.00 mac beige G3/233MHz Desktop, 384MB Ram, SCSI, USB, 16GB HD,
keyboard, mouse

other stuff
$180.00 Premiere 6.0 (Full Version - Win) + DV200 firewire interface +
$120.00 belkin Omni Cube 4-port KVM, PC & Mac cables, Mac ADB converter