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Re: ot: baby voices

Hi Michael,
very funny that you mention this because iīve been
doing a lot of recording with my kids lately in fact i
want to record a whole CD i ve already have about 4
songs.The funny thing is they get really shy when they
hear themselves in playback but they like it!
My son is 4 yrs. old and my daughter 2 1/2 and i try
to capture them when they are really in the hyper
clowny mood; its interesting because they are
bilingual(spanish-german) and sometimes they mix it
Ive also been thinking about writting a dictionary for
I īdonīt know if they are too old for the kind of
project you want but let me know. 

> do any fathers/mothers among us have recordings of
> their kid's voices when
> they were very young? when they couldn't talk yet
> but tried to?
> I'm fascinated by small kids' pre-language
> 'language', their expressivity
> and emotionality - and especially by the dramatic
> effect you get when you
> slow those recordings down to a normal grown-up
> voice pitch: try it and it
> will make your hair stand on end (especially with
> voices of angry kids :-)
> I'd like to research and experiment with this effect
> and, with enough
> material, make a composition (some kind of opera for
> slowed-down babies :-).
> unfortunately I don't have any kids and not many
> recordings either, so I'd
> be very grateful for any recordings you could send
> me. please contact me
> off-list if you think you've got something. your
> kids might become famous.
> = michael peters
> = computer graphics + electronic music
> = www.mpeters.de/mpeweb
> = www.mp3.com/veloopity


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