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Re: Electrix Repeater needed please...

Title: Re: Electrix Repeater needed please...
Hi Greg--

Wish I could tell you more. I was in Vince's shop dealing with a hum problem in my bass. He had a Repeater there, and I bought it because I'd been looking for one for awhile. He told me he had done this modification that makes it quieter, and I think that he said it has something to do with the power supply, but I really don't know anything more than that.

Your best bet would be to call him at 617-926-8020 or you can email him at audiopro@shore.net


on 12/4/02 12:27 PM, Greg House at ghunicycle@yahoo.com wrote:

--- Daniel Soltzberg <d.ans@verizon.net> wrote:

> You can try a guy named Vince, at Pro Audio in Watertown, Massachusetts-- he
> usually has a couple Repeaters around, and he does a cool modification on
> them that makes them quieter.

Any chance we could get some details on this modification?


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