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[looper's] midi-locked delays and stuff

Title: [looper's] midi-locked delays and stuff

>>Yes- my bandmate has delay warble issues when midi synced- it is the one
thing that keeps me from getting one- we have tried many different midi
sources with same problem- my 2 TC boxes connected to same midi never

damn and blast from this quarter also. I have the non-midi dl4 and a bunch of boxes that are supposed to be able to run midi-synced delays (sx700, that sort of thing). I was hoping that the dl4-pro would be better at it than my other boxes...

I have an audity synth module that glitches when the delay is midi-clocked. the sx700 does the same. it doesn't seem to matter where I locate them in my admittedly complex midi setup. the only boxes I have that do midi-locked delay without stuttering and glitching are the korg electribes, and you need to set them up to process the incoming audio in other ways that you might not want or need, in order to use the delay on external inputs. still, they're cheap. oh, and the jam-mans do a decent job too, but they're not really echo boxes as such... :-)

I'm hoping the adrenalinn will be good at this effect.... anyone know?
and has anyone had their jam-man fitted w/ bob's new software? I'm definitely up for trying it, especially the "melotron" mode, since I can a-b it with a real mellotron, for all the use that is.....



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