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Re: [looper's] (electrix repeater still needed!)

damn, boy. you sound like me, you compulsive gear headed freak : )   i was
the same way.   i'm not sure what you are going for, but there are parts of
the EDP that i still like better. if you are doing dance electronica 
however, the repeater probably is the best choice IMHO.  (i have both,


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From: "Amleto" <tosleeptodienomore@supereva.it>
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Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 9:02 AM
Subject: Re: [looper's] (electrix repeater still needed!)

> .  when i bought mine about four months ago, i got it at $499 mint.
> > since then, i watched the ebay market skyrocket to original retail
> > and back down again to nothing. i don't envy you.
> >
> > lance
> This can explain why that second guy thought that 500 was the price. I 
> pourposes for 600 or more, a high price for me, considering how much i 
> from my work at the moment, and considering 100 c.ca of shipping and 
> taxes... So i thought he was making me a pleasure. Probably he just went
> ebay and saw he could have got more. At the moment he seem not able to 
> much more... Anyway, i have to ask excuses again (too many excuses today
> from me, isn't it... in these days i'm a vulcano of emotions. I never was
> violent person, never. But whene that guy posted on ebay i was so sad,
> tired, demotivated, disillused, disgusted an angry, that for the first
> in my life i had a crisis and i kicked and brock things in my room
> out. It was impressive, now i can't believe i did it. I need to sleep, i
> missed to many night, but everybody put me in a hurry in this period...),
> excuses, i was saying, because in my last mail i said "are you human you
> looper", but it was not what i wanted to say,i really have nothing to you
> all, it was a lapsus, i don't know, a mistake.
> I just would like to find the right machine, would like all this 
> and asking prices to end as soon as possible, and that then i can sleep
> repeater arrives here, and then just to start sperimenting...
> Bye...