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EDP "MetaButtons" - "Stored Procedures" - "Presets" - "Triggers"

Hello List,

Is there a way to "Preset" different modes in the edp?

For example, you have a "mode" that you use for a specific effect or
function, and it's defined as specific quantization value, insert mode,
record mode, etc.

1.  Is there any way to define a "mode" and then call that "mode"

2.  Is there any way to store a predefined button sequence in the edp?
Sort of like a "metabutton" that sets you up?

I've searched the archives, but found nothing pertinent to this.

Am I just fantasizing, from a functional perspective?
Am I just being lazy, from a pragmatic edp musician approach?

I'd like to trigger a prescribed sequence of actions while I'm
scratching on the turntables or singing, so that I can focus more on one
instrument than the edp.

<In rereading that last line, I think I answered my own questions, it
sounds like I may just need a sequencer........damn...that's not what I
want, I just want that functionality in my edp.> 

Thanks for your responses.

Dylan DeAnda

-Trying to keep it simple: 1 turntable 1 mixer 1 edp.